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Freetech inc is the pioneer in the fta business. From the company who brought everyone HD receiver first in the market. Again, we now proudly introduce to you the extraordinarily advanced Time Machine. This state of the art receiver is by far the best. Coolsat continues with innovation, bringing new technology in "The Time Machine". With New exciting features yet to be seen in the industry, Coolsat now introduces new unparalleled advancements reaching far beyond today and moving into the future! More...

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This is where you can read about satellite forum support for your Coolsat FTA (Free-to-air) Satellite Receivers. More...

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The Coolsat 7100 micro pvr CS 7100 Satellite Receiver
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Coolsat proudly introduces to you the extraordinarily advanced Time Machine, the Coolsat 7100 Micro PVR. This state of the art receiver is by far the best and more powerful than other models. With its PVR capabilities, the Coolsat 7100 is clearly the leader in the market. This unit is very easy to use and powered with more power plus speed then any other Coolsat receiver. Order yours today!

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